Saturday, September 30, 2006

Homecoming Photos

The First photo is of my beautiful date and I, and the second was our Homecoming group!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Analytical Essay?

So, I'm sitting here Sunday evening, trying to think of what I need to do when I realize I still need to do that "pain-in-the-butt English Analysis Essay." Its not really the doing it that's a pain in the butt, but just the thinking of what to analyze, and getting started. Once you've got it down, it gets a lot funner. (Is that a word?) So, with that in mind, I'm going to ask it. . . Why does Mr. Rich make us write an analytical essay every week?

From what I know, Mr. Rich cares about his students, else he wouldn't be a teacher. I think he makes us do these for our own benefits. Plus, it helps us in several other areas. First of all, it helps us in our writing skills. Just like any other skill, writing takes practice, and if we're forced to write every week, our writing skills won't completely go down the toilet. Second, it keeps us thinking. Even though its a pain to think of a why question EVERY week, our brains don't turn to mush because of it. Secretly, I also think he is helping to prepare us for the AP English test, with the combination of my first and second reasons.

So, with that reasoning, when you have to write you essay every week, just think of it as Mr. Rich's ego saying, "I'm helping all these kids write better and keep their brains!"

G'morning Peeps!

So, anyways, I sit here writing this yawning, because I'm soooo tired. You see, last night was homecoming, and it was awesome!

My day started out with trying to get everything organized, and trying on Tuxedos at James' house. I found one I liked and then sat at home waiting for my ride to pick me up for the day date. Our date: Bike riding! We rode all the way from Vivian park (up Provo Canyon) to Utah Lake. Out total distance was about 20 miles. My dad's bicycle seat was exceedingly stiff, and my butt still hurts. After the bike ride, we then proceeded to McKay's house to cook dinner. I made Spatzle. It was hard work. The dinner was awesome though. 4 courses, consisting of really good Salsa, made by Randal. Then a green salad, and my part of dinner, followed by apple strudel made by Austin. I then proceeded to take a shower at McKay's house and got all dressed up.

Then we went to pick up our dates. I approached Bree's house, and rang her doorbell. Mom answers it. "Ummm, Hi is Bree there?" I inquire. "Hmmmm, nope, she left already. . . . No just kidding! She's here! C'mon in!" (Dad is standing right there in the background) I proceed up the stairs, and she is on the couch in a really pretty black dress, just being her pretty self. Mom wants to take photos, and I bring up the idea about the Corsages. "Oh yeah!" Mom and Dad say in unison. I have no problem putting the corsage on her wrist, but she needs Dad's help to pin on the guys flower. Dad ends up doing it. Hahaha! We take some photos, and then we're off to get the real photos.

At the school, everyone is looking great, and dressed up. I pull out my wallet and it becomes a lot lighter ($30 just for photos) Photos are taken, and I dunno how they turn out. . . .We'll see later. I hate the pose the stupid lady put me in. . . GRRR! We then get going to McKays house to eat the dinner.

Dinner is grand, everyone loves the Spatzle. After we eat, we drive down to Provo Towne Center (the mall) to where the dance is. We then dance the night away. 11:55 PM, I'm dropping Bree off, 5 minutes before I said we'd have her home. We are walking to her door, and I tell her how beautiful she looked tonight (because I forgot to when I first saw her. . . ) and she tells me I was handsome. We embrace on the doorstep, and she goes in. It was fantastic!

So yeah, that was my Homcoming day in a nutshell. As soon as I get the pics, I'll post 'em.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Looky here Mr. Rich!!

Time is a very strange thing. And currently, I don't like how time is running. You see, last week, the release date for the Nintendo Wii was announced. The date? November 19th. Now, you have to understand that while November 19th seems so close, yet is also so far away. The Wii is an AMAZING system. To put it so that Mr. Rich will understand, its like an Apple computer. This system will be the best one to hit the market in about 6 years. When compared to other systems, like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the Wii beats them all, in overall package rating. It won't have the best graphics, but the user compatibility it so much easier. The paddle, which looks like a remote control, is all motion sensor, so when playing tennis, instead of pushing a button to hit the ball, you really swing the paddle to hit the ball.

Anyways, enough on that rant, my why question is: Why, when you are looking forward to something, sometime, does time seem to either fly, or slow down? The answer lies all in how you percieve time. Time is very strange, and when thought about is all really just relative. Its like Mr. Clark's clock. It reads: "Realitve time" and then "ish" is after all the numbers. So: 1ish, 2ish, 3ish, etc. But it's true, time is all relative. For example, when November 19th is said, you could look at it in a few ways. First, "Oh, that is soooo far away, its in 62 days!!!" or "Thats only in two months, and when compared to years, is not very long. At least we don't have to wait another year." So basically it's all how you are looking at it. When compared to a year, it eems shorter becuase a year is so long, where as days go by all the time, so it seems longer. As for me, I see it as a long time, and you can tell I'm eagerly awaiting it, becuase I have a countdown, down to the seconds on my computer. How much longer?!? Stupid time!

(To find out more about the Nintendo Wii, click here!)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Analytical Essay für English, Nummer Eins

Since school has started, I've been reflecting on everything I did during the summer. That "everything" was pretty much working at scout camp. I know it sounds lame, or not fun, having to work up there ALL summer, with little pay, having to sleep in a tent every night, so why, anyways, do people even want to work up there??!?

Some staffers like the fact that its camping. When you are camping, you get out of the house and also out of chores. Plus, what could be better than living outside, in the mountains, all the time, breathing fresh air. Not a lot!

Although our pay isn't the best in the world, some of us are up there for FREE room and board. Yes, I did say free. Although for me, a teenager, that isn't a big deal yet, I'm sure it was for my parents. Instead of eating their food, I ate the camp food, and used camp water, supplies, etc., which saved money for my family.

Another consequence that comes with working at camp comes the opportunity to exercise ALL DAY LONG! When you wrestle with scouts, hike, and do tons of manual labor, you truly get exhausted. This "true exhaustion" makes for better sleep.

Then, most of us a up there for an even better reason. That reason is to be important in the life of a boy. On staff, there is a little idea that we read very often, written by a man named Forest Witcraft. It's called "Within My Power." This is how it goes:

"I am not a Very Important Man, as importance is commonly rated, I do not have great wealth, control a big business, or occupy a position of great honor or authority.

Yet I may someday mold destiny. For it is within my power to become the most important man in the world in the life of a boy. And every boy is a potential atom bomb in human history.

A humble citizen like myself might have been the Scoutmaster of a Troop in which an undersized unhappy Austrian lad by the name of Adolph might have found a joyous boyhood, full of the ideals of brotherhood, goodwill, and kindness. And the world would have been different.

A humble citizen like myself might have been the organizer of a Scout Troop in which a Russian boy called Joe might have learned the lessons of democratic cooperation.

These men would never have known that they had averted world tragedy, yet actually they would have been among the most important men who ever lived.

All about me are boys. They are the makers of history, the builders of tomorrow. If I can have some part in guiding them up the trails of Scouting, on to the high road of noble character and constructive citizenship, I may prove to be the most important man in their lives, the most important man in my community.

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important in the life of a boy.

So, with that, there are several reasons why you would work at a scout camp. Personally, one of those is enough for me!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I MADE SAXIFIED!!!! Anyways, a few days ago, I tried out for the bands at the music school, (which are national award winning bands) and I made second Alto in their sax combo!!!! Their description of the band is :

"This driving bop ensemble features saxophones - and plenty of them. With a tight rhythm section for accomplices, this double sax quintet wails like you wouldn't believe. The award-winning group has frequently been hailed as Utah's best student combo."


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Timp Hike!!

Yesterday, I hiked Mt. Timp with some friends. It was AWESOME!! Today, my legs are dead! Here are some photos:

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Well, I was just ordained a preist, in the Aaronic Preisthood of my church. Its freakin' awesome!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My First Date

So yeah, last night was my first date! It was really fun. A group of us went to go see Enoch Train. My date and I even did our homework assignment together, which ended up being funner. We were to analyse and synthesize someone we didn't know, so we did the band as a whole. Anyways, It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!