Sunday, February 10, 2008

A change for "hair"t

Well, I finally did it. I cut my hair. I got too sick of having to do it in the morning, in order to make it look somewhat decent. I don't have lots of pictures of my new haircut, but here's some before and one after picture.

This one is terrible, just a quick shot. I'll take some more when I feel like it. :D

Last Week Sucked

I'm just going to vent a bit. I'm not really upset anymore, but I haven't blogged in a while, so I'll write something flaming and exciting.

Last week sucked.

Being a senior is tough. Its even tougher when your counselor didn't do his job too well, and you find out that you are missing a whole years worth of credit in order to graduate. So since then, I've been slaving: a full schedule at school, plus two additional classes online. We won't go there though.

On top of school, I have church duties, which include editing films, going to meetings, and being generally happy all the time.

It gets better! Last week, I was driving in the school parking lot, when a white car appears out of my peripheral vision, seeming to appear out of thin air (snow). I slam my breaks, and proceed to slide on the ice right into her rear tire. Even better: my last accident was 3 weeks ago. *dripping with sarcastic undertones.

Also last week was the story in the last blog I wrote. Yay! for scammers! NOT!

Then, to top it off, after a long day of snowboarding on Saturday, my favorite (very expensive) ski jacket gets stolen at my little brothers indoor lacrosse game.

But you know what?! ITS A NEW WEEK!!! And hopefully its better.

Like Michael Buble says:

"Its a new dawn, It's a new day, Its a new life! And I'm feelin' good!"

A Good (Long-short) story

I wrote this for the newspaper this week . . . Thats why it's in quotes.

"You’ll never believe me when I say it. It’s something that you hear about quite often, but think it’ll never happen to you. I don’t really feel victimized, I don’t know why I would, but if I had done a few things differently, I’d be in some big trouble. Let me tell you the long story, short:

I’m a decent saxophone player, so I decided I wanted to make some money off my talent. I posted an advertisement online for saxophone lessons. I also put some flyer out at the local school and music stores. One day, I got an e-mail from a mother wanting saxophone lessons for her son. I responded back, and got no further reply. About a week later, I get an e-mail from a James Hamrock. He wants his son to study with me, but his son currently lives in Alaska, and he is in London on a business trip. His business associate in Kentucky owes him $3200 for some farming equipment, and will send that money to me, where I am supposed to take out my pay for the saxophone lessons, and forward the money to the travel associate who will get the son to Utah, where the son will stay with James’ cousin, who will drive the son to and from sax lessons. If that made any sense to you, congratulations.

At first, it seemed reasonable, I was a bit confused about the $3200, but assumed that I would only be getting a check for my pay, and it would all work out. This did seem a bit fishy though. To make a long story short, I received a check in the mail for $3200, and didn’t know what to do. James tried to push me to get the money sent on faster, but my dad told me to wait until the bank told me that the cashier’s check had cleared. Three days later, the check came back counterfeit, and we discovered that we had been scammed.

Everything is fine with me, and if James Hamrock e-mails me back and thinks that I don’t know, we’ll let him know that we know, and that the Feds are after him too. We’ll also wish him a sarcastic good luck.

Yes, I have been a victim of fraud. Of scam. But that’s okay, because I don’t hurt. Plus, it makes an excellent story."


So I'm struggling to find a decent layout for my blog. . .

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Taco Town

This is a really funny commercial! I love it!

Taco Town