Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a Test

Facebook makes it much easier to upload many photos at once, so I think I'll continue my adventure on Facebook if their "share this album with a public link" button actually works. Here's a tribute to me, lemme know if you can see the pictures!

Friday, July 25, 2008


*sigh, Well the past few days, I was able to go and visit my beloved Camp Maple Dell and spend some time with the staff (and scouts) there this week. Going back for even 2 days made me totally see what I missed out on, and now I'm a bit depressed that I couldn't/didn't go back this summer. It's such an amazing experience! Now, I'm a Knot Demi-God, and I'm glad I got to see my friends, but I came now and now I'm really nostalgic. I don't really know how I'm feeling. Happy? Sad? Grateful? Wishful? Tired? Excited? I have no clue. At least I'll get to go up for the last week of camp, as a real staffer. :) That is still two weeks away though, and anything can change in that time. :P Anyways, I just had to get this down on something, I'm really okay, I just don't know how I am feeling.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I had to . . .

*laughing . . . . well, to cure my boredom today, I decided to create a Facebook profile for myself (finally!!) so yeah, you can find me now on facebook too, if you'd like. More pics to come soon too! Don't worry Jenna :)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Germany (Austria) Part 2

After spending a few days in Munich, by ourselves, we had the chance to ride the train for a few hours over to Austria. It was an interesting train ride, involving passport mix-ups and much frightenedness. . . .

We made it to Austria fine, here are the pics:

These are a few (of many) of me being seriously and honestly lost in the Austria train station. I was also a bit nervous too. . . .

Europe gas prices! Now before you start whining about how high our prices are, remember that they have liters instead of gallons, and the the Euro is about 1.7 times the US Dollar. Can't do the math? Gas is about $8/gallon over there. . . .

The placard in front of Mozart's birth house. It was a bit unbelievable that he was born there, since it had just been freshly painted and remodeled.
Chane . . . defiling someone's grave. . . we aren't sure who. . .

Castle scenery

No comment . . .

A funny ad we found. Well, I found. And well, I thought was funny . . . Be glad I didn't photo some (many) of the others that we came across on our journey.

And with that concludes our day-trip to Austria, and we return home to Germany . . . Until next post! Thanks for reading!