Sunday, March 22, 2009



That was hard.

Still counting down the days . . . 160 days, 6 hours, 56 minutes, but hopefully sooner than that . . .

Or, only about
230816 minutes.

Clocks keep ticking, and I'm trying to enjoy every second of it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

After A 99 Day Hiatus . . .

. . . I'm back. And blogging. :) It's been about 142,560 minutes since I posted last, and, due to popular request, I'm gonna start blogging again. Actually, it wasn't such a popular request, just my English professor. No one actually seemed to miss my blog, but today in class, Stacy said that I was lame because I stopped blogging, and I told myself that when someone complained that I was gone, I was gonna start posting again. So there you are Stacy! Not so lame anymore, am I? ;)


Let's see . . . . Life has drastically changed since I last posted. Lemme go look at my last real post. *goes to look. Ah ha! It looks as though my last post was about my new job! Which isn't so new anymore, but I'm still loving it. Take my word for it, doing tech support for a product that rarely breaks and basically works itself is a great thing! I'll be moving on in a few months though, because I'm currently in the process of filing my MISSION PAPERS!!! :D Within the next several months, I'll receive my mission call, and be headed out!

Currently, I'm dreaming of Cirque du Soleil, going to school, playing in a cover band, doing the occasional magic trick to a random stranger, as well as working. I've also been taking an evening mission prep class on Tuesday nights. I'm ready to go, but I'll leave when I'm supposed to, and where I'm supposed to go. Tanika keeps me motivated and focused, and she's such a soul for doing it, even though I make her feel bad sometimes. Right now, she's what I needed, and I'm really glad that I have her. :)

Other than that, I take care of my frog, and try to watch out for my little brothers. My instrument collection grows larger, and I read my scriptures every day now! It's a glorius thing!

We just came home from Tucano's and I'm full of meat, so I'm gonna go digest now . . .