Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saggio Analitico

Last week, we had our school band concert. It went well. . . Mostly. The Wind Symphony was great, but Jazz Band sounded terrible. Because we had our songs down perfect the day before in class, I want to know: Why did we totally butcher our songs at the concert?

I think one reason was that it was "the concert," with people listening to us. In the band room, we play for ourselves, and it isn't so nerve racking. We were also fully dressed in our Jazz Band uniforms, and in the auditorium, which also makes a huge difference in the way we sound and perform. It seems that when a person in uncertain with a scenario, they almost always mess something up in that scenario.

Another idea that comes to mind is the fact that many of us had already been playing for quite a long time. I had been playing my sax at the Music School, and those who are in it were at Marching Band. So, many of us were playing before the concert, then we get to the concert, and play more. The Jazz Band played last, which probably means that a lot of us were tired, and losing lip. Especially for brass players, because they lose lip faster than woodwinds.

Although we didn't do to well at the concert, the Jazz Band is sounding great, and we do plan on going to the State Festival this year! Come to our next concert, it may be better. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My ne wFavorite Commercial

RIght here:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Essai Analytique

Why are people so afraid of surgery? I bring this up because I go in to get my wisdom teeth pulled this week. I'm not too worried about it myself, because I've been through five other surgeries before, but that's another story. Everyone says I'm crazy because I'm not having an anesthesiologist come in to knock me out. Others say its a really bad surgery, which it can be, but mine won't be. The dentist said so. So once again, why do people insist that surgery is bad?

When talking to people, I've found out that they are just scared about surgery. Fear = bad, according to most people. A lot of people are scared of waking up during surgery, but do you think the doctor is really going to let that happen? The few cases of that happening are extremely rare, and it hardly happens. Others are scared about what they don't know. They have no clue what the doctor is going to be doing during the surgery, and on top of that, they usually don't trust the doctor doing their surgery, which sometimes includes putting your life into their hands. That doesn't help when they usually don't even know the guy.

Basically, most people associate surgery with bad because they are scared about it. They've heard all the freak stories of what has happened, but most of the time those cases are EXTREMELY rare and won't ever happen to you. The point being, I'm not scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm confident in my dentist, and I have been through plenty of surgeries before. I'm done now.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why? Why? Why?

Mmmmk, first you have to go to this link and play this short little game, in order to understand my blog this week:

Ok, you played it right? If not, play it. . . Seriously, you need to in orders to understand. Okay, I'll just expect that you've played it now. With that, I'd assume that you are now addicted to this little toy. I was. My brother was. Even my cousin was. Why does this game appeal to so many, and why is it addicting?

I think it has to do with the fact that it is so simple. You draw a line, and he rides it. It brings back your own memories of sledding and how big some slopes were to you. The game is primarily black and white, except for his red scarf. This makes the game even simpler. In today's world, games are soo complicated. Instructions read: "Throw the dice, then move that number of spaces, pick a card, then depending on what type the card is, do what it says. Oh and yeah, by the way, there and 81 different types of cards!" Or like video game instruction, "Push the A-button, combined with an up-side-side combination to kick the enemy. If you accidentally push up-side-up, you will die!" Games are so complicated, that when this one comes up, its fun to play.

Another factor has to do with the fact that you are creating it. You draw the line, you control where he goes. People are generally more about themselves than others, so they enjoy making his track. Personally, I like to see the little guy go down a slope I just made.

So that's that, Line Rider is fun, because its simple, and made by you. Now don't spend too much time playing it. . . :D

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Music School

Today I had Saxified rehersal at the Music School. Pete was gone, so M.r Caleb Chapman, the owner of the school subbed for him. Caleb directs the Crescent Super Band, which is known to be the best band of its type in the WORLD. . . Anwyays, he told us their secret today. It is: Play the right thing Excatly perfect at the right time always. If you do that, no one can be better than you. Remember that! Once we applied that, we sounded REALLY good. Later tonight, I was waiting for mom to come pick me up and Caleb came up to me and told me I was doing a good job. I thanked him and told him he was awesome. He then returned the compliment. Caleb Chapman is AWEsome!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today, I'm going to be blunt with my "Why" question. Why do I always procrastinate my blog 'till Sunday? And on top of that Why does (probably) everyone else?

I think it has to do with time. We've already analyzed time, and how its all relative, but it seems that there is never enough time during the week to sit down and write this blog. The lives of Honors English students a s very busy with thought about other classes, extracurricular activities, work, etc. Sunday is "a day of rest" to some people, and so it gives plenty of time do sit down and type an analytical essay, along with doing other things. Some people believe that it is wrong to do homework on Sunday, but I don't, and especially in this case, because writing a blog isn't hard.

Another reason could be that you don't have a "why question" until Sunday. I think about my analytical blog every day of the week, but never really think of what I want to write it on 'till Sunday. Once again, it just takes time to think of what to write about.

It could also be because we procrastinate, and try to find other things to do, but then we finally do our blogs on Sunday because that's the day Mr. Rich checks them. Procrastination is a weird thing. According to Webster online dictionary, to procrastinate is to: "put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done." So yeah, take it for what its worth.

So when you ask the question, Why do I put off my blog, I guess the answer is time, and procrastination.