Friday, April 20, 2007

Band Tour!!!!

So we went on Band tour. It was AWEsome to say the least. Basically theres too many stories and things to put in a post, so if you want to hear about anything, just ask me. Like the time at the hotel on the first night when. . . nevermind, just ask me. And now. . . the pictures!

This is our lovely Red Bus, and our driver was Joe. He was awesome.

Mike right as we were leaving. . . you should have seen him at the end of the trip.

McKay in the morning. . . Lovely!

Our room, after the first night. Ask me (or Bryan, or McKay, or Jason) for the story, you'll really want to hear it.

This is how I woke up that morning, with my bed torn apart.

A sideways picture of me playing pinball in the middle of nowwhere. I almost set a high score!

Our first few minutes at Disneyland. McKay was excited. Jason wasn't. (Just kidding!)

Two very nice (and pretty *blush*) ladies sitting at a park bench. I think they were excited too.

Us heading right into the Matterhorn Mountain Cave. Its a great ride!

Us in the Middle of Disneyland. Sorry 'bout the sideways.

The same picture a few seconds later. . . notice McKays patriotism. Hahaha, just kidding!

Billboard sign for the Broadway musical: Wicked!!!!!!!

Aubree after I poked her. This was in Las Vegas.

So that was it! An awesome trip. I'm done now. Ciao!