Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break

As you can see, I've already started to document my trip to Vegas, but over Spring Break, I also went to San Francisco on BAND TOUR!!! I'm working on getting that post up too. . . . please be patient, they'll be pretty good posts.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vegas Day 1

So yeah! Right now, just days after my San Fran trip, now I am sittingh here in Las Vegas baby! I'm a bit confused . . . but oh well. :P


Yesterday, we drove for a really REALLY long time. I got some of my psychology homework done though . . . I really hate my English class, but I really need to get it done, and I really just noticed that I've written the word really, probably like 6 times. So it won't be written anymore.

Finally we pulledi nto Las Vegas and checked into our hotel, where we then proceeded to the strip! Dad surprised us (well, actually me, but that doesn't matter) by going to the ticket shop, and buying the whole family tickets to the David Copperfield Magic Show! (Tickets were about $75 a piece, and there are 6 of us.) I was like, "whoa!" . .. . I guess we aren't really holding back the cash on this trip. . . since tonight we are going to go see Cirque du Soleli *jumps up and down in excitement * So we walked all the way down the strip and saw all the good (and bad :P ), then went to the magic show, which was AMAZING!! And I have NO CLUE how he did it. Then we were walking back to our car, and we saw the most random person at the most random place. We are just walking and Micheal Birkeland comes out of nowhere, and recognizes my dad! They havn't even seen each other for like 3 years! (Micheal B is a Mormon comedian, he did Latter-Day Night Live, and The Home Teachers, etc. etc. etc.) So we talked to him for a while, then got in the car, came home, and went to sleep. So that was Day 1! Hoory! I'm really excited for the show tonight, since that's the one we came for. :) Update later. . . . bye

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Band Tour 2008

Well guys, tour this year was basically AWESOME!! And I took several photos (not enough, now that I realize it), so here's the summary of our 5 day trip! My photos don't even do it justice! Ahhhh. . . .the memories.

Day 1:
This was what our bus sort of looked like at the beginning.

Our first "stop" was at the Bonneville Salt Flatts, totally unexpected to me. This is Tiana and Carly, and then lovely, unshaven me licking (pretending) the salt.

And yet another fine addition to
my funny sign collection: the Foot Wash.

When we got to the hotel, we played a rousing game of
Settlers of Catan, which involved plenty of 12's, 2's, and 6's. Hahahahaha.

Day 2:
Not too much happened here, just more driving, and we made a few stops, but nothing that I didn't take any significant photos of. Jason starts a lot of his "China" stuff this day, which ended up being really hilarious.

Day 3:
This was one of the major highlights of the trip our festival playing and riding rides at the Great American Theme Park. It was this day that I learned my new found love for "spinney rides." Thank you peer pressure :P

Yay! for fun walking! :D

One of the coolest rides EVER! It swung like a pendulum and twisted like a carousel . . . it was my first "spinney ride" *giggles

Suzy getting anxious waiting in line for the Invertigo. Haha, not really.

More line waiting . . .

This is Melissa, getting excited to ride the Demon, which you will now experience because I was gracious enough to ride it again and take film. . . hehehe.

This sign was the political way of saying: "If you're fat, you can't ride this ride."

Happiness of taking the whole house of trophies. . .
My own personal rapture. . . she's so precious to me now. :)

This swinging boat ride went ALL THE WAY OVER. Suz and I were laughing like maniacs, like the maniacs we really are.

Survivor: The Ride, one of my new favorites, yet another spinney. :D

I've decided I'll eventually need to do a "The Many Face of McKay Blog/Poster" Combination. . . any takers?

See above

Day 4:
Was a great day, started out by going to Sacrament Meeting, where we surprised several old people, and probably scared the Priests. Then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, and to one of my new favorites: The Exploritorium Museum. It was the mother of ALL Museums, and I wish Id'a taken 1000 more pictures! I'll go back there one day!

Yet another sign. . . . hehe

The entrance to the museum.

Some random girl playing with the bubble stuff that I wanted to play with but never got to! *throws a tantrum *

Ted, playing with little kids and bubbles. . . how fun!

I hung out with Kym when we were in the eye exhibits, there was some pretty neat stuff, like the pupil tracker and eye-blood-seer-thingy.

Tiana, trying to talk and listen to a joke at the same time. It didn't work. For either of us.

Grody bacteria art :P EWWWW!!!

That night, we ate at ChinaTown (I'm too lazy to put pictures up, plus I didn't take very many) but we saw this sign advertising Holly's new business:

Then we rode the bus home, and had a very long interesting conversation in the hotel, after all the games of Settlers had been played. *wink

Day 5:
Was spent at Alcatraz/ the Fisherman's Wharf, and on the Dinner/Dance Cruise. I only took photos at Alcatraz, because I didn't want to worry about my camera at the dance. But it was awesome, kind of like the band's own Mimi-MORP, since we were on tour during actual MORP. I think we had just as much fun . .. ;)

More silly signs.

Melinda at Alcatraz

The typical cell at Alcatraz, except for the huge ESCAPE hole dug out. Smart men, smart men.

A cool seagull, man!

Day 6:Included driving home, and eating breakfast . . . so I didn't take any photos. . .

Anyways! It was awesome! Hope you enjoyed the photos. Maybe I'll post more later, but most likely not. If you want to see EVERYTHING I took while on tour, come talk to me, I'll probably put everything on my iPod.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Everyone, I have an official announcement to make:

I am NOT, and will NOT block my blog to ANYONE!!! If you want to read it, then read it, I really don't care. . . .

(Although thinking about it now, that might actually be a good idea . . . *evil laugh . . . )

I'll ponder about this . . . maybe my blog will become a seclusion area, where I can write whatever the heck I want to.

(I'm not upset, so don't read it that way . . . I'm just getting more thoughts out . .. )

Another thing, I am SO GLAD that I am a guy . . . lemme tell ya . . . .

sorry, this kindof turned into a vent . . . I'm gonna shut up now . . .

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life as we know it now. . .

. . . which could very well change in the next few hours (not that it will) which is actually very likely for anyone.
Anyways, this blog might actually be decent. Heh, imagine that! :) Let's see here, I'll divide my life up into a few areas: political, social and financial. (Thanks to Mr. Fieldsted, and AP Euro. . . its the perfect thesis for ANY history paper. . . haha)
So lets start: political, which actually translates into age and school for me. I'm still 17 (woot woot! No independence yet!) I've still got a few months *phew. And school is probably one of my biggest stressors and greatest pleasures right now. I've been working religiously on my eClasses (that's another story in itself) in order to graduate. My friends keep trying to motivate me, but I've already got the motivation I need: A HUGE senior trip to Europe with two of my best friends to visit my family who live in the Black Forest area, (see map --->) a high school diploma, and freedom from the actual thing that I've invested the past 12 years of my life into. (Even though college will come right up fast, but I've heard its REALLY different.) I'll get it done, don't worry about me. It'll be done soon too, because my friends are going crazy that they have to put up with "serious Brayden." Also, the more I think about it, the more I feel blessed that I have a full-ride scholarship to UVU. It's a nice buffer to lean against and know that if I won't be able to pay for another university, I'll still be back to get a college education for decent price (can you say cheap as free?) Wow! That's a lot more on political than I thought I would write. Let's move on . . .
Social. *laughs Ummmm . . . I think my social life is doing pretty good right now actually. It's been struggling for a while, but everything seems to be working out. I hope that everything will continue to work out like its been. (No, I am not hinting anything here!) I am REALLY excited for my trip to San Francisco in approximately 1.5 days!! It'll be a blast to just get away from EVERYTHING and PARTY with my band buddies. Oh yeah, and also play my soul out for 100's of people that I don't know (comparing that to playing my soul for 100's of people who do know me, and have already heard my soul enough. :D ) Hmmm, anything else social I feel like I need to post now? I'm not getting anything. Probably cuz I need sleep. That's something social: I need sleep. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight.

Before this post, I had quite the lovely conversation with my dad about finances, and money, and supporting a family! (I'm being totally serious here! I loved it!!) Although it might seem scary right now, I think that I'll be able to pull all this off, and grow up to be successful! I just have to keep living right, and doing the things I need to. My job is great, and I'll be getting another pay check soon. Hopefully I'll be able to pay my parents off soon, and then I won't have to worry about owing them money ANYMORE!! Hooray!!

So yeah, that's all I really feel like writing right now . . . which is more than I usually would. Expect another post soon about band tour, and then a family trip to Las Vegas to see the circus! :D Ahhhh . . . . the joys of a busy (stressful) but happy life. I can't wait for summer!!

Thanks for reading all y'all!

Taking a break

I'm gonna do one more homework assignment, and then I'll take a break and write a happy blog. :D

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I would like to thank my Mom's friend, Caroline, for inspiring me to put a music player on my blog, and providing the location on how to do that. So thanks Caroline! Enjoy listening to some of the music that I like listening to.

Edit: I think that now that I have cool music on my blog, I'll visit it more often, thus improving my chances to writing a blog. :D Hooray!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


*sigh . . . .

Thursday, April 03, 2008

. . . .

I changed my template. That's kinda cool . . .


Workin' hard on life stuf. IsoMode is great, but not ... I'm excited to go to California next wee, 'cept I can't believe thatits actually NEXT WEEK!!! *chuckles. ANYways . . . yeah.

So is life.