Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ouch. . . .

I feel cut, and its not the scrape I gots on my knee from mountain boarding. I read a blog. And it hurt. I probably deserved what was coming to me so I'm not complaining, but it hurts. I just want to let her know that I'm sorry if I cut her down first.

There isn't much I can do but apologize.

I don't know if writing a blog to express my feelings is enough, or inappropriate or what, but I feel really bad about what happened. It's hard to explain how I feel, but at the very least I feel that I don't want our relationship to be separated because of my ego. Let's talk about this . . . . I don't like how either of us feel . . . .

(I hope she doesn't hate me. . . . )

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jam Camp 2007!

Okay readers, if I say that this past week was amazing, I think it'd probably be the understatement of the decade. But it really was! AMAZING! This is what Jam Camp is: Sponsored by The Music School, Jam Camp is a program that focuses on Jazz and Rock music. Professional musicians come for a week and teach the students how to jam. Held at the wonderful music facilities down at Snow College, the music is free to fly.

In other words, you pay to go play with musicians who have recorded and are professional. Throughout the week, they get to know you on a first name basis. Its really cool.

Every night the faculty put on a concert, and they were ALL amazing! I can't even begin to describe how it felt in that concert hall every night. The personal energy was mind blowing.

Who was the faculty anyways. Huge names like:
Wycliffe Gordon
John Beasley
Ron Blake
Brian Bromberg
Corey Christiansen
Chris Slade
And some not so big names, but awesome anyways:
Kelly Fox
John Rhodes
Chris Merritt
Mike Tobian

So Yeah, It was sick, playin' with these cats! (Sorry 'bout the Jazz Lingo, been talkin' it all week!)
So of course I'd take my camera. Here's a Plethora of photos that I took (not even close to all of 'em though. . . . only the best!!):

The first sign we saw at Snow College, indicating
that we needed to angle park.

The first friend we made at Jam Camp while waiting
in the registration line: Charlotte.

My bed in our apartment. Notice said PJ's and said hippo.
(Inside Joke. . . .)

This is an example of actually Jammin'. During sax master class
we were playing long tones. There's me in the background!

Jake Veeloo (spelling?)
Need I say more. . . .Yes?
Okay, he's one of the best "young" sax players in Utah.
You could say he's an Idol for me. . .

This is a rare photo of Ron Blake, Bari Sax player for the Saturday
Night Live Jazz Band, playing the piano. Crazy musicians!

John Beasley has a lot under his belt. Not only did he record the piano parts
for numerous movies including "Finding Nemo" and " A Bug's Life" but also does a lot
with the American Idol band. He's a pretty big name! A good man!

This is Tyson, James, Ron and I after one of the "Nightly Jam Sessions."

Another rare shot of a musician playing an instrument of his own, Wycliffe
Gordon is actually quite good at playing the drums.

Now this is an interesting character: Brian Bromberg. Brian is probably the
best bass player I've ever heard. He's played with Horace Silver,
Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie, etc. Excellent!

A beautiful pose by me. NOT! :)

This is a long story. It involves a PB&J sandwich and Wycliffe Gordon. Ask
me to tell you sometime!

These musician's really don't like to play their own instruments.
This is Corey on a bass guitar.

My hair was hot that day.

Okay, this one's a bit hard to see, but I'll explain. The drum instructor was the
legendary Chris Slade. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's
the drummer for the band AC/DC. Need I say more?

Jonathan Lindberg. . . another great young sax player I look up to

This is my new found friend Jessica. She plays Alto too. We
were in the same "Big Band." Good Player!

This is McKay and I standing with Sir Gordon. McKay didn't go to Jam Camp,
and he missed out big time. (Gotta rub it in more McKay! haha!)

Our final performance! This is our Big Band playing "Pass the Peas." The
close to an amazing week!

So that's just a taster for all ya'll! You can never know what its really like though 'till you experience it, so go next year! It's worth EVERY PENNY! If you wanna see more pics, talk to me, I've got plenty.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! I"ll be thinking about this for a long time. Aspire Higher! Yay! for professional musicians!


Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm Leaving. . .

Well folks, Summer is here, which means that summer camp is here. Tomorrow, (Sunday) I report to Camp Maple Dell up Payson canyon for a few weeks. Next week is "Staff Week" where everyone on staff trains, and then the scouts pour in. I'm home on Saturdays. So yeah. . . .I'll talk to everyone when I do. :)