Saturday, June 21, 2008

Germany, Part I

I'm not sure how many parts are gonna be in this series. . . I guess just enough for me to get lotsa pictures in, so we'll start with part 1, the trip over, and Munich , Germany. Prepare for photos.

Our flight left at 7:00 in the morning, which means you get to the airport at 5 in the morning, which means we got up at 4 in the morning. :) Me and Chane didn't really sleep . . . . Notice the glazed eyes on McKay.

Chane's glazed, but excited eyes . . .

After the flight to Atlanta, we had a few hours layover, and found this cool art exhibit that had animals made out of random "junk objects." Here is McKay petting the horse . . . (or so it seems...)

Our "perfect" aisle seat for the journey over the Atlantic. . . and into tomorrow...

The colors of the sunset were AMAZING as we flew over the ocean . . . my camera doesn't do it justice (plus the guy at that seat thought I was photoing him . . . *bites tongue)

We stayed in Munich for 4 days, and were all by ourselves. Over the course of the whole trip, we all got pretty good at just "bumming around," which is actually more fun than it looks.

Notice how clean the underground is . . . .

Funny story here: McKay's first encounter with "bubbleless" German folk. He was sitting alone when the college-age guys decided to join him.

Bumming around, and being tired all at the same time.

They have cool playgrounds. . . this thing was HUGE!!

Our first "Real German Meal" which ended up being kindof confusing and a bit of culture shock. Ask my why sometime. :)

The view from an old church we went up in the tower.

Our teenie hostel room (not even hotel) :) I dunno how many times I had to slap Chane to keep him awake . . . sorry 'bout that Chane.

View of the Olympic Park

For all those girls (and boys) who are obsessed with the Stephanie Meyer series Twilight, yes, they do have them in Germany. The book art is a bet better there too I think . . .

Chaner on his bike, during Lenny's FREE Bike tour!
Our tour guide, who was quite crude, but still very good. He was an American: spoke perfect English.

This China tower is supposedly, like, the most famous beer garden in the world. Don't worry, we had Currywurst and French fries, no beer. :)

McKay fell asleep . . . need I say more . . . ?

The river goes fast enough that they have guys come and surf on it!!

We came across a really cool (HUGE) museum called the Deutches Museum, and its the biggest I've ever been in. Our tour guide said that if you were to spend one minute at every single exhibit in this museum, it would take you 33 days to see everything . . . . I wish we'd had more than 4 hours in there. . . .

A water attraction/eye candy at the museum.

This is a cross section of the main support cable that holds up the Golden Gate Bridge. The diameter was THIS BIG!!! *holds out his hands as far as they can go. I'm not even joking, it was as wide as my arm span.

This instrument was a prototype "Clarinet-Sax." Its a clarinet body, with sax keys and pads to fit . . . kinda weird. I wonder what it sounds like.

I was drooling ALL OVER this one. I'm not 100% sure, but rather 80% sure that these saxophone are some of (if not) the very first makes and prototypes of saxophones ever. When I went to look at the stamp (brand) they all said Adolphe Sax (who was the inventor of the saxophone. . . . ) So I was basically freaking out.

The museum was so big, they had full size ships, sailboats, and even sailplanes!

More bumming around, this time on some funky out, outside a pretty "official looking" government building. :S

And thus ends our journey in Munich. ( I think) Next post will be our day trip to Austria! Hopefully I can get these done a lot sooner so that peeps can see what I actually did . . . .

Anyways, thanks for reading, and keep(ing) checking back . . . blah blah blah
I'll stop typing now and hit Publish Post. . .

Friday, June 20, 2008

Reading Blogs. . .

I think that rather than spending so much time reading blogs . . . I'll spend more time actually posting on mine. Or maybe doing something more productive. Why do I read blogs? *shrug

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Germany Trip

I am supposed to write a long blog about my Germany Trip, with photos included, but when I look at the 700+ pics I have on my computer . . . that task seems too daunting. . . . :S:S:S Hopefully I'll get around to doing something :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A sad loss. . . .

Although the Swiss team played very well last night, the turks still beat us. . . . :( it ended two to one, band the turks got their last point in the third minute of overtime. Oh well! I really am American, and not Swiss . . . ;) anyways, today we hung out at the Basel zoo, and now we are waiting for train to Geneva, where my uncle lives. More posts coming . . .take care!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As of this moment. . . .

Right now I am caught up in sea of red. . . . of course, as everyone knows, I am in Basel, Switzerland right now, and as most of you dont know, its the European Cup right now and Basel is a host city (we just found out . . . . ) so upon our arrival, we were greeted by many cheers, and drunk people singing ¨olay¨ and waving the country flags of switzerland and turkey..... we decided to join in, so we bought hats for the team we wished to support, and walked around a bit with the swiss people (but didnt drink . . . dont worry . . . ) as of right now, we are winning the game with one point, but its raining cats and dogs, (and swiss frogs, (franks) ) long story . . . . and the field is practically flooded. So thats all im willing to type on this terrible keyboard. .. . for now . . . we will see what comes next.

And, girlfriends of my mom. . . pictures will come. . . soon . . . I promise . . . as soon as I get home hopefully.

Take care everyone!! More updates to come!!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

At home . . . Sortof

Today was our first 'day' in Grafenhausen, with my dad's family. Tody we went to EuropaPark, which is basically the German Disneyland. Google it someday. . . its really cool. My Opa has a ladyfriend named Ingrid, and shes really cool. This is the happiest I have ever seen my grandpa . . .ever. Its very nice to see him so happy, espeicially since the time my grandma died two years ago. You know, it seems like it was only last month since I was here, lowering Oma into the ground, but it really was two years ago. We ate some authentic German food today, and then Rik came so that we could go shopping. The store has like all different Axe deodorant smells! None of them are the same, so it was crazy!! :D Now, we are sitting at his house, listening to classical music, and playing with his Sphinx cats, who are ugly, but have cute personalities. I think I bought about $140 worth of goodies today . . . which isnt near enough . . . :( oh well, we'll just have to see wont we. :D well, I am tired now . . . we'll go to sleep soon . . . :) *hugs

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An Interesting Day

Today was an adventure day, filled with many one-liners and adventures. It was our day-trip to Austria, and the first 'mishap' was the fact that both McKay and I forgot to grab our passports before we got on the train. . . so we've been worried all day that we wouldn't be let back into Germany. Thats the ULTRA watered down version, since I'm in an internet cafe where I only have a few mintues to type. . . . so yeah. . . we ran around Austria, saw some cool castles, ate Chinese food, saw Motzarts (I'm tired okay??!) house and yeah . . . I'll post more detail later . . . Take care! Tschüs!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

1 minute left

I have one munite left to wrie a blog about Germany on this internet cafe computer. Germany is amazing!! I am safe and having a great time! I have to go how *hugs to everyone!!! :D:D:D:D:D