Sunday, July 15, 2007

California Vacation, Day 1 !!!

Well guys, Im sitting here in California, writing a blog on my Nintendo DS browser. The day was about 50% travel.....but thats okay, I like flying. Only one misshap happened on the plane, and that involved me spilling gingerale in my lap, making it look as if I wet myself. Quite uncomfortabe! We got here and drove to our hotel with the help of our lovely new Navi sytem. Mum's a crazy driver...... We went to a few museums, ate some food, etc. (The kellog house.......Ripleys.........Outback....)Tomorrow the fun starts, surfing lessons! More to come! Thanks for reading

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Save me!!

I'm so used to a schedule. A plan. Something to do.

I'm locked up, within the confines of my own house.

Theres NOTHING to do. Save me.

Lets do something today. I'm tired of the computer (if you can believe that.)

Get me out. Help!

Haha. This is my attempt at some poetry for today, but if anyone has anything they are doing, I'd be GLAD to join. It's too boring here.