Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why don't people comment on my blogs?

Thats my why question this week. . . why? Whenever I look at my friends blogs, they all have like 5 or 6 comments on one post. I want to know why I don't have any. . . for the most part.

Bascially, there are a few options, 1) I don't have any friends and no one wants to comment on my blogs, 2) People don't read my blogs or 3) My blogs arent interesting or writeen well enough to comment on.

1) Now I do know that I have friends, but why don't they post on my blog? Have they forgotten, becuase I see that they post on other's blogs. I dunno. I dunno who no one wouldn't want to comment on my blogs either. . .

2) This I know isnt true, becuase I have a hit counter on my blogs and so I can see when someone visits my blog. Maybe they come and go? I dunno. If you go to someone's blog, you might as well read one post. . . gosh. . .

3) I would hope my blogs aren't boring. I try to make them more funy than serious, just becuase I don't really feel like typing a novel online for everyone to read. But seriously, are my ideas not good? And if they aren't can someone help me with something interesting to talk about? I dunno either. . ..

So yeah, If you couldn't tell, I'm kind of on a vent here, becuase I like to get comments. I don't care if they are positive or negative, but comments. I have a blog to people. I dunno, maybe I'm just not interesting enough. Let me know guys. . . just comment.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why do I LOVE my new job?

So as we all know, I got a job, and I love it. After working for about 20 hours now, I think I can answer this question: Why do I love my new job?

It’s basically everything that I love:
Where I work
What I do
Who I work with
and my hours

Where I work is a definite factor of whether or not a person enjoys their job. I did NOT want to work at a food place, which narrowed my choices a lot. But OfficeMax is not a food place so that satisfies me just fine. I get paid very well for my age and make more than some of my college friends. That’s always good. It comes with working at OfficeMax. The location is easy for me to get to, and its a clean store, so I don't have to worry about my health.
Basically, I do everything at the store (except manage it). I can work the register, I walk around on the sales floor and help customers and I put things back (recovery). I think we are doing inventory too. . .so that'll be a good surprise for me. Everyone says its not so fun. But whatever. . .

The guys (and gals) I work with are really crazy. My managers are pretty cool too. They are quite nice. I'm the youngest associate at the store ( I think . . .) which makes me the baby of everything. . . but thats fine.

My hours are 20 a week, and I really think I can handle it. I really do. . .

So yeah, thats about it. I'm done writing now. .

Sunday, March 04, 2007

March? Why?

Its been pretty crazy this week for me. I don’t about you, but between building a trebuchet, writing a paper after interviewing an immigrant, trying to remember how to dance the triple swing for a ballroom competition, recording a podcast, practicing for solo/ensemble and region jazz festival, and reading books of all sorts, its been a little bit hard to actually do something fun. I also know that there are several other people who are in the same predicament that I am, so there is validity in saying that life gets busy. It seems like every year, March is the busiest time. It’s funny because with all this school stuff going on, I didn’t really have time for a job, so I stopped looking for one. A few days after I stopped looking, what happened? OfficeMax called me up for an interview. I think Murphy was having some fun with this one. It really crazy that when I need a job, (because I have time for one) I can’t find one, but when I don’t have time for one, they are fine to call me up. But on the good side, I may have a job.

So as you can see, I’m on a rant of being busy. The thing is, when you look at the March calendar for school, its one of the fuller ones. My question is: Why March? First of all, many of the “interschool Fine Arts competitions” begin. Just in March we have region solo/ensemble for choir and band, region jazz band, and region drama. State festivals come a little later. Another contributor is the fact that third term ends. With the end of any term comes a ton of schoolwork. But I don’t think that school is the only thing that makes March busy. March is when spring starts to come. Although it’s not officially spring, it starts to get warmer, and now we even have daylight savings time. (March 11, this next Sunday, don’t forget) Warm weather makes anyone want to move around and do something. So yeah, March is busy, I've ranted, and I'm over it. Bye.