Sunday, November 26, 2006

Analytische Poging (Analytical Essay)

Time and time again, I hear excuses. Excuses about this, excuses about that. Most of the time, the excuse is "I'm too busy!" Why are people always busy? Why can't they just take a break?

A break always feels good, but people just have too much to do. This is one reason why people are always busy. They simply overbook themselves. Their schedule is crammed to every last minute of doing stuff. This classifies them as "busy." Others may think that they need to prepare for the future, so instead of booking their free time with a break, they book it with preparation. For example, a student has an extra opening in their school schedule. Instead of taking it for a free time, or something they'd like to do, they just cram another AP and/or Honors class, making them even busier.

People like to be doing things, because doing something is better than being bored. "Taking a break" doesn't mean sitting around doing nothing, but rather means doing something that you want to do, or, from the dictionary, "an interruption of uniformity." So many time, people get so caught up in their schedules, and forget to take a break. That's why I always plan breaks into my schedules. When taking this into account though, it cannot become a long break, and into the point of procrastination. That, my friend, is another story.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Driving Restrictions (Analytical Essay)

Finally, I get my drivers liscence!!!!! Everyone is excited for that time in their life when they can finally drive. There is but one little problem though: a certain law that is really inconvenient for me right now. It’s the law: Section 41-8-3. For those who don’t know it, it’s the law that states: “A person, whether resident or nonresident of this state, may not operate a motor vehicle upon any highway of this state with any passenger who is not an immediate family member of the driver. . .” This law only applies to those who are 16, and then for six months after that. In other words, I can’t drive anyone, (except my family) anywhere until April. Why? Why?!?!

I can see why this law was created, for the safety of drivers, especially those who just have received their driver’s license. More times than none, friends in the car distract the driver, and it causes an accident. The law is good because it prevents that from happening, and after six months, the driver has received enough experience to drive with others in the car. On the other hand, my friends all know better than to distract me while I’m driving, so this law make it a nuisance for me. It goes like this: “Finally, I get my drivers license, but I can’t help my friends out, because of this law. So to get us somewhere, it is still really inconvenient for someone else, because they have to drive us.” For example, one night after playing laser tag at the park, everyone was going home. I had my car there, but under this law, I wasn’t able to drive my friend home. That’s ridiculous, because he lives a block east of the park.

To put it in one sentence, the law is great in the fact that it prevents accidents, but it’s pointless and inconvenient for a defensive driver such as I.

Germany, Part II, 3 weeks later. . .

Hahaha! I'll try to write this as best as I can, I barley remember anything now. . . .

Anyways, where'd we let off. Ah, after dinner. . . So we went to bed and got up the next morning. Dad said we were going to Etteinheim, the town where he was born. It was Saturday morning, and the market was there. It was really neat to walk down the streets and see all the booths. They had everything. Dad and I ate a currywurst. It was delicious. I'm craving one right now. Anyways. . . We went to the graveyard there, and its really old. Ettinheim is really old. There is a building there dated 1464ish, I think. Really old. Then we went to the store, and bought tons of chocolate. . . I cant remember what we did after that. I think we went out to lunch, and then just hung out at home for the rest of the day. But yeah, we stayed up late that night talking about stuff, and then woke up the next morning and flew home. It was a long flight. Period. That's all. We came home and have been home for a while now. I still miss Germany though. Its really cool . . . . But yeah. I'm done now. . . . Bye

Friday, November 03, 2006

In Germany!!!!

Well, I'm going to start writing my Germany story here. I'm still here for a few days but the past two days have been very eventful.

It all starts out on Halloween. The day before that, we had found out that Oma (grandma) died. That's a long story in itself, which I don't wanna go into detail. So, anyways, my dad needed to come over to Germany for the funeral. Germans don't embalm their dead, so the funerals can't be held two weeks after a person dies. :) So, my dad orders 2 express tickets to Germany. One for him and one for my mom. Well, it turns out that my mums passport had expired, by 6 months. After calling ALL OVER, there was nothing we could do to get it 'unexpired'. Instead of wasting the outrageous amounts of money my dad spent on the ticket, we payed a little bit more to have the name on it changed to mine. So there I was, on Hallow's Eve, knowing the next day, I'd be flying to Germany.

I got some sleep, and woke up the next morning. After saxing our goodbyes, my dad and I left for the airport. Not much happened there, we had a lot of waiting. Although, Elizabeth Smart's mom sat next to me in the terminal. Dad didn't notify me until she left. :) We flew and flew, until we hit Newark, New Jersey. We were to get our connecting flight from there. We had a few hours though, so we ate at a steakhouse. They were pretty proud of their steaks. $48 for their most expensive one. I didn't get that one, but rather the 10 oz. Filet Minion, order to 'Medium Rare.' About 45 minutes later it finally came out. As I ate it, it got redder and redder, and it was raw when I got to the middle. I guess Medium Rare is different in New Jersey. I'd have to say though, that it was the best steak I've ever had in my life!! We then left and flew to Frankfurt. The flight was long, and that's all I'm gonna say.

We finally landed, and waited for about an hour for our luggage to come. Well, maybe not that long, but it seemed like it. After that, we went to our rent-a-car place and picked up the BMW that my dad rented. It was p-h-a-t PHAT! We threw everything in, and hit the autobahn. You have to realize, driving on the autobahn is so cool, especially with a native driver. I think on the drive to Kappel-Grafenhausen, we hit at least 170 MPH, it was something like 260 KPH. We even got a speeding ticket. Before we went to my dads house, we stopped in this trucker restrauant, and ate some really good quality German food. Once again, delish! Then we drove to his house.

Everyone was glad to see us, and we were glad to see them. My uncles Rik and Kai were there. Ben would come later that night and so would Marc. So we chilled at the house, and then went shopping in Frieburg for a new suit for Kai. He needed one for the funeral. Then they planned the funeral, while I talked on MSN 'till Midnight.

Today was different. This morning was really busy:getting ready for the funeral, playing with Rik's ugly cats, etc. Then we got dressed and went to the funeral. It was about an hour long, and there were tons of people there. More than the family expected too. I didn't really understand the talks, but somehow I got the gist of it. Then came time for the burial. But of course the casket had to be moved. I am honored to say that I was one of the bearers. I feel very lucky to be one, because it was my dad, his 4 brothers and me carrying it. We then placed her, and they (my uncles and dad) lowered her down. Its a lot harder to lower your own mother down, but I admire them for it. Everyone then proceeded to throw a flower in the hole, and take a little shovel and sprinkle a little bit of the burial dirt on the casket. That was sometime I'd never seen before, but I'll never forget it. Then a whole ton of people talked to me, and just said some things. Then we went out to dinner. The whole family was there. This is where is started to meet some of my cousins. I re-met little Anna and Lucas, who are so big now. But even more, I got to meet MiLou, and Little Nel. I played games with both of them, although Nel liked to talk more and play a lot more. I think it has to do with the fact that she is a bit older than MiLou. She looked really sad when we had to leave the restrauant and she had to go home.

So yeah, that's the story up to now. Well, the condensed story. It'd be A LOT longer had I told you everything. I'll write what happens tomorrow and Sunday later okay? Greetings from Germany!